Kim Kardashian's New Pregnancy Craving Isn't So Bad This Time

kim kardashianI don't mean to alarm anyone, but Kim Kardashian likes frozen yogurt. The startling realization comes after she was photographed chowing down on the cold, creamy treat in L.A. wearing a white, flowy sheet. It's to be assumed that the pregnant reality star is now craving froyo, which she tops with fresh fruit, not candy.

I hope you're sitting down, because it gets even more interesting, if you can believe it.


She also had Mexican food recently, and almost decided that the beans covered in cheese covered in sour cream weren't worth the hassle of the insane mass of paparazzi waiting for her at the restaurant, but alas settled on braving the buzzing photogs for a chance at a hot plate of tacos, or whatever.

The poor thing has been getting a lot of flack recently for her weight gain, and damn, that must suck for her. I mean, it sucks for us, too -- she's more inescapable now than ever before -- but I'm halfway certain it's worse for her.

It's been reported that Kim has been enjoying fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, risotto, and decadent desserts, all which have allegedly leading to her 200 pound "nightmare".

What Kim calls a pregnancy indulgence of epic proportions, I call a Tuesday.

Anyway, everyone raise their cups of over-priced frozen yogurt and cheers to Kim and her little Kimbryo. As Mother Teresa once said, there's nothing wrong with a little fucking Pinkberry every now and again, so eat up, bitches.

Did you crave frozen yogurt while pregnant? Do tell.


Photo via Splash News

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