10 Biggest 'Mad Men' Questions We Better Get Answers To in Season 6

megan don season 6 mad menAlthough AMC has screened the Mad Men season 6 premiere for some journalists already, Matthew Weiner basically forbade them from telling us much of anything until after it airs on Sunday. Not all that surprising, being that the show's plotlines have been kept under lock and key something fierce forever.

Thus, we are forced to sit here, twiddle our thumbs, and wait to learn the answers to the biggest questions of season 6 ... 

  1. Will Joan get back together with Roger? I am so rooting for this one! Her husband is such a skeeze, Roger is her baby daddy after all, and now that he's no longer with Jane, he can be with Joan and their love child!
  2. Will Sally experiment with sex and/or drugs? She's a child of the swingin' '60s and Don's child, so obviously, yes, this has to happen.
  3. Will Megan leave Don? For L.A.? Either because he cheats or because her glitzy acting career will tear them apart.
  4. How will Betty cope with her sadness? Even though she's in love with Henry, she's clearly suffering from emotional issues brought on by not just her battle with weight, which I don't think will continue into season 6, but not knowing how she fits in with the changing times.
  5. How will Peggy stay relevant/tied into the plotlines? Will her firm collaborate with SDCP?
  6. How will Peggy become "the next Don"? Sounds like in matters of her career, she's headed right for the top. But I'm sure there will be some stumbles along the way!
  7. Will Pete continue to be an absentee dog of a husband to Trudy? Will he go completely bald or just rock his receding hairline as best he can?
  8. How many times will we see characters getting high?
  9. What major political events will come up during the season? I have a feeling RFK and MLK's assassinations an other 1968 turbulence will be featured.
  10. WILL DON CHEAT? Obvious one!

What's your biggest Q for season 6?

Image via Michael Yarish/AMC 

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