‘RHONJ’ Husbands’ Bloody, Sink-Throwing Brawl Makes Season 5 Sound Fantastic

joe gorgaBlood has been drawn. Sinks have been thrown. Charges have been pressed. Just another season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, folks. Apparently, an enormous brawl broke out Saturday night at Kim D.'s opening of her second store, Posche Two, but this time Teresa Giudice wasn't in the middle of things. According to reports, it was Jacqueline Laurita's husband Chris Manzo, Caroline Manzo's son Albie Manzo, and Melissa Gorga's husband Joe Gorga who got violent with party-goer Johnny Karagiorgis, a man who's accused of making fun of Jacqueline and Chris' son with autism.


Karagiorgis filed a complaint against Gorga and Chris Manzo (Albie was not cited) and the police are looking into it. It sounds like a pretty intense fight, too. There was "blood on the walls", tens of thousands of dollars of Kim D.'s clothes were destroyed, and three sinks were broken.

The best part is, it was allllll caught on camera. Thank you, Bravo, for being there because I cannot wait to see this all go down. The New Jersey cast is known for the epic feats of strength -- I mean, they had no problem getting into a dramatic fist fight at a baby's christening, so clearly, going at it in a store would seem downright civilized.

One of the store owners told a local news source that the Housewives felt bad that the fight broke out, but  ... come on. These cast members aren't stupid. They know violence means viewers. (It's how they hooked me!) Even if they were defending the Manzo's autistic son, getting into a bloody brawl is never the answer. Why didn't they just walk away?

Because walking away is boring. And shows that are boring are canceled.

The question remains, though: is sink throwing the new table-flipping?

Are you excited about RHONJ? Season 5 premieres June 2.


Photo via bravotv.com

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