Kate Middleton's Early Spring Maternity Style Looks Classic & Comfortable (PHOTO)

kate middletonAs much as the press loves to rip Kim Kardashian for her maternity style, they love to gush about Kate Middleton's. In the world of tabloids, Kim has no clue how to dress her pregnant belly and is constantly choosing unflattering looks, while the Duchess of Cambridge has got pregnant style alll figured out. But it's not as black and white as they make it out to be. Kim has definitely rocked some hot, flattering looks lately! And to her credit as well, Kate was photographed wearing an outfit this week in Scotland that really was a hit worth clucking about.

The navy and grey plaid, A-line, wool pea coat by Moloh is the kind of coat any woman -- expecting or otherwise -- dreams about having as a part of her collection. I say that in part because to actually buy it would run you a cool $640. Ouch! But also, it's dreamy, because it's that flattering. In fact, it's so flattering, that in the pics of Kate in the coat, there's no bump in sight.


Probably a disappointment for the paparazzi, eh? They've been on insane bump watch for months, and Kate just keeps turning up in public in these fashion-forward outfits she could have been wearing in her college days! Womp womp. But if you're not itchin' for a bump sighting and you're just interested in drooling over how glam, polished, and downright lovely the Duchess looks, then this sighting is definitely a treat.

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Not to mention that it's a helpful reminder of a winter/early spring look that isn't just gorgeous but really comfortable when you're preggers! Anyone carrying through this blustery time of year deserves a fab, cozy coat like this. No matter how schleppy you feel on the inside, I'd imagine you could throw this on and feel as though you've got instant -- even royal! --style.

How do you feel about this look? What was your favorite, most flattering maternity outfit?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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