Heather Morris’ Boyfriend Taylor Hubbell: 5 Things to Know About This Awesome Baby Daddy

heather morrisShe may play a ditsy high school cheerleader, but Glee star Heather Morris is anything but. The 26-year-old singer, dancer, and actress revealed two days ago that she's pregnant with her first child and is about three months along. She and long-time boyfriend Taylor Hubbell are really excited about the news and can't wait to high five their little bundle of joy.

But before we meet the baby, maybe we should meet the baby daddy. Not much is known about this mysterious Taylor, but here are 5 things that'll give you a sense what this all-American young man is all about.

  1. He's not famous, or anything. Taylor isn't in the Hollywood scene, like, at all, but that doesn't stop him from supporting Heather. He's walked a few red carpets with her for Glee events, and escorted her to the Spring Breakers premiere.
  2. He's a baseball player. But not professionally. Taylor played for the Ragin' Cagins on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's NCAA baseball team.
  3. He knows Heather really well. REALLY well. The two met when they were at high school in Scottsdale, Arizona and have been going strong ever since. That's saying a lot considering Heather's demanding career, and the fact they lived on opposite ends of the country for a majority of their relationship.
  4. They share a home in Los Angeles. In 2012, Taylor graduated from college and moved in with Heather in Hollywood.
  5. Heather loves him, a lot. She told Fitness magazine back in 2011: "I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him ... I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue." Well, check that "kid" part off the list! Now all that's left on the to-do list is the wedding.

Congrats to the happy couple. Here's hoping their little baby gets Heather's sick dance moves. That Glee Britney Spears montage pretty much blew my mind.

Do you think this couple will last?


Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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