Steamy 'Kiss of the Damned' Clip Makes 'True Blood' Vampires Look Tame (VIDEO)

kiss of the damnedVampire fans are getting a little jaded these days, I'm afraid. (Well, not all of us.) But there are some who think they've seen it all, between the melancholic melodramatic romance of the Twilight series and the sex/drugs/rock & roll vibe of True Blood and whatever the hell that Vampire Diaries show is about (sorry, I only have so much time in life). But let me tell you something. I just watched the EXTREMELY NSFW trailer for the soon-to-be-released vampire flick Kiss of the Damned, and b-b-baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet! I know I told you about this movie already, but that was before they released this new EXTREMELY NSFW trailer. WARNING WARNING WARNING: If there are children in your house, sit them in front of some mindless television show and lock yourself in your room because this is NSFK (not safe for kids), either. However, if you've been trying to convince your vampire-resistant husband or boyfriend that fangbangers ARE cool, then lock him in the room with you!


Okay, you've come this far ... no going back now. This is some crazy-graphic shiznit right here, but just remember I warned you!

Um ... you still with me? Perhaps you need a moment. Go get yourself a glass of water or file your taxes or whatever you need to do to calm yourself down. Because I have a serious question for you:

Is this steamy scene from Kiss of the Damned enough to make any guy love vampires?


Image via Hulu

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