Khloe Kardashian Dropped 25 Pounds With This Game-Changing Routine

khloe kardashianNo matter how hard we try, we can't seem to stop paying attention to the Kardashian sisters' weight. One's up, one's down, one's getting criticized by her baby daddy for not being 98 pounds with a bangin' bikini bod after having two kids. Ugh. Let's be real. Love 'em or hate 'em, they are all GORGEOUS!

Khloe, despite having gotten so much flak over the years for not being as petite as Kim and Kourtney, has always looked amazing, but she's looking more fit than ever these days. She's reportedly lost about 25 pounds, thanks to a simple routine, which she recently spilled to OK! magazine ...


What seems to be the gamechanger: Her intense, varied, and frequent workouts. She says she's been working out one-on-one with trainer Gunnar Peterson "a lot." Specifically ...

I switch it up because I get really bored. So I do either Pilates or I go to Equinox gym, and I make sure I do cardio, if I don’t do anything. But I love Gunnar for like my circuit training. ... I love to box.  I’ve always boxed. I just love it. I’m good at it. ... It keeps me really entertained.  I don’t get bored and you shed weight when you do it.  So with Gunnar, we do boxing as like a warm up.

When she's not working out with her trainer, she says she likes to go on hikes, but no matter what, she strives for "at least four to five days a week at least." But she doesn't beat herself up if she can't, and when it comes to how she's eating these days:

I don’t deprive myself of food. It’s everything in moderation. So if I need something sweet I’ll have like a bite or two but I’m not going to binge on a cake.

No wonder people say Khlo's the most likable Kardashian. Her fitness plan sounds incredibly down-to-earth to me!

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Sure, workouts at least four to five times a week may sound like a lot, but I'm convinced now that it's impossible for many women to see much of a difference if we aren't making physical activity an almost if not 100 percent daily habit. Even when we're totally swamped with other to-dos, we do our best to get it in like Khloe describes. And the exercise routine goes hand-in-hand with eating clean (at least 80 percent of the time). Allowing yourself the occasional sweet as Khloe noted, but more often than not just having a bite, not the whole plate. 

It boils down to being truly committed to living a healthy lifestyle. No matter what reality show you're filming or what city your sisters are "taking" this time.

What do you think about Khloe's routine? Do you agree that a consistent workout program is essential to weight loss/maintenance?


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