Robert Pattinson Finally Forgives Kristen Stewart but Can They Really Put the Past Behind Them?

kristen stewart robert pattinsonIt's been just over seven months since Kristen Stewart told Robert Pattinson, and the world, that she was sorry for having an affair with Rupert Sanders and in that time, Robsten has run the gamut of relationship emotions. From anger to moving out to forgiveness to making up to breaking up to making up again to spending time apart to spending every waking moment together, they've allegedly done it all. But have they been able to put the past behind them, for good?


According to a talkative source who spoke to Heat magazine, the answer is yes. Robert has made Kristen regain his trust over the last few months and now, finally, he's "really starting to forgive her."

The couple apparenlty spent Easter together in Malibu and are happier than they've ever been.

It's hard to know what's what -- every other day they've either decided to never speak again or have begun making wedding plans (according to the media, that is) -- but here's the thing. There's something that's keeping them together. Something big.

It could be a powerful management team who's convinced them to milk their relationship press for all it's worth, it could be in a contract they signed long ago with Twilight producers, it could a scheme they concocted on their own, or, I guess, maybe, who knows, but it could be real, actual, human love.

I'm not going to lose sleep over the reason KStew and RPattz have decided to stay together regardless of infidelity and lack of trust, but I will light an imaginary candle to symbolize their relentless and undying commitment to each other.

Robsten has been through a lot, and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed by the way they've handled themselves. Lets just say if my boyfriend cheated on me with a hot movie director than sent an apology to People magazine, I'd be less inclined to forgive and more inclined to parade his testicles through the streets on a stick. So, hats off RPattz. You're a bigger man than I.

What do you think Rob and Kristen's secret is to staying together? Love? Contract? What.


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