Ian Somerhalder Is Already Acting Like He's Christian Grey (VIDEO)

ian somerhalderThe role of Christian Grey may be the most coveted in Hollywood right now, but that isn't stopping Ian Somerhalder from behaving as though he's got it in the bag. (And he's not even April foolin' like some actors!) All right, to be fair, he is playing it cool in as far as what he's been saying. For the most part.

Like when he spoke with USA Today recently and admitted, "Almost every guy in Hollywood in some way, shape, or form is sort of up for this role." But then he kissed-up gave a shout-out to the book's author by saying, "I just think E.L. James created a really bad ass, dynamic set of stories with some really cool characters, and it's a treat at times -- a little uncomfortable at times ..." Huh? A treat? Uncomfortable? How? Oh, watch as he elaborates around the 1:12 mark ...


HA! I confess, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when he got into the bit about how the doctor reading Fifty in the Whole Foods check-out line must have been envisioning HIM specifically as Christian Grey, so obviously that's why she was so embarrassed to make eye contact with him. Couldn't just be the fact that a good-looking guy caught her reading erotica in public? Or maybe that a random guy was remarking on her reading erotica in public. Nah. Had to be that she was thinking of him as Christian! Wow, he is so cocky!

Then again, one might argue the actor who scores the role will have to be cocky to portray Christian, who is, at least outwardly, an extremely arrogant, self-confident character. Judging from this interview, those are traits Ian won't have to work too hard on "channeling" if he actually does score the part!

What's your take on Ian's story? Do you think people are already envisioning him as Christian while reading the book?


Image via Jemal Countess/Getty

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