Jenelle Evans Rushed to Hospital While Her Husband Talks to Tabloids

Jenelle EvansThings are not good for Jenelle Evans. Yesterday afternoon, the star of MTV's Teen Mom 2 was rushed to the hospital for bleeding. This is not the first time this has happened to the star who has had ovarian cysts in the past that rupture and cause internal bleeding and pain.

Luckily her husband Courtland Rogers was there telling Radar Online all about how much he loves her and how worried he is. Or something.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt that Radar contacted him (I hope). But still. Why would be be on the phone with them when he is worried abut his wife's well-being? Something just does not feel right here.


Jenelle's cysts are no joke. Having had one myself, I know how much it hurts. She keeps getting them, so it does make you wonder about her health. Is she taking care of herself like she should be? Is her family taking care of her?

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Jenelle is a grown woman, but she has a lot of problems, many of which likely stem from her upbringing and her family. Rumor has it that her sister has cancer. And now she is rushed to the hospital? What is going on with this family?

Part of living in the spotlight means that every little thing that happens to you becomes news. For Jenelle, this is bad. Because her life is just a series of unfortunate events that make great tabloid fodder. But it does not really help her.

Who really loves Jenelle? Who is really there for her? Who could help remind her that she needs to care for herself and stop doing drugs and marrying crazy people and get herself together?

This is terribly sad, but I have no doubt it will just keep on happening until Jenelle surrounds herself with people who care more about her and less about what MTV can do for them.

Do you think Courtland was wrong to talk to Radar?


Image via MTV

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