Kim Kardashian Takes Heat for Traveling While Pregnant Again

Kim KardashianAs if Kim Kardashian weren't getting enough negative attention over the amount of pregnancy weight she's gaining, now Kim's being criticized for traveling with her baby bump again. Don't we have anything better to think about, people?

A few weeks ago, Kim was rushed to the hospital after returning to L.A. from Paris, but it turned out to be just a scare. Since then, she's been to Atlanta and New York to promote the Tyler Perry film Temptation, and now she’s back in Paris, Instagramming photos of Notre Dame. Is she putting her baby in danger with all this travel? 


Of course not! Unless there's some kind of medical issue, pregnant women are not suddenly frail and fragile weaklings who need to spend their "confinement" lounging on couches by the sea (if only!).

I commuted into New York City from New Jersey to my full-time job during my entire pregnancy via the bus, the subway, and my feet. (Ah yes, memories of barfing in a garbage can in Port Authority. Lovely!) I was so anxious about saving money and racking up days off so I could be home with the baby for as long as possible that I worked right up until a week before my due date. It was tough, especially toward the end when I felt like a giant bus myself -- I can still picture the flight of stairs I had to climb to get out of the subway station! -- but I survived. As do PLENTY of pregnant women.

I also -- gasp! -- traveled while pregnant, flying cross-country to see my family in California twice. AS DO PLENTY OF PREGNANT WOMEN!

For better or for worse, Kim's "job" is to be out and about -- to be seen -- and, presumably, to check in on her various business affairs. So, why should she stop doing that? And while we're at it, what is it about pregnancy that drives people to offer unsolicited advice and opinions?! It's not just celebrities who get this treatment; if you've been pregnant, you know what I'm talking about -- from the barista who gives you a snotty look when you order a latte to the random person in the elevator who tells you wearing high heels is bad for the baby. Um, kthanks, genius, I'll really take that into consideration.

Keep on keeping on, Kim Kardashian. The fascination with your weight and how you live your life is only going to get worse once that baby is born!

Did you ever receive annoying, unsolicited "concern" or advice while you were pregnant?

Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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