Kim Kardashian Becomes a Chic Pregnant Woman Practically Overnight (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianHold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen -- because Kim Kardashian's new loose-fitting maternity clothes are really going to blow you away. OMG. When I first saw this picture of Kim at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, I gasped a little bit. No, I'm not kidding, and I don't care how dumb and pathetic that sounds.

After week after week of seeing Kim cram her pregnant body into leather, pencil skirts, and other unforgiving outfits, she finally looks like she might be able to breathe -- and I'm pretty psyched for her.


And I'm guessing one of two things convinced her to let loose and allow comfort to take over.

Either she's finally reached a point in her pregnancy where she isn't concerned with trying to hide her growing bump, or she's totally immersed in French culture and feels relaxed and isn't under pressure to look trendy and Kardashian-like.

Remember how Kim said she was having a tough time finding clothes that made her look pregnant, not just "heavy?" Now that she's nearing the end of her second trimester, there's no mistaking the fact that she's pregnant, so finding suitable maternity clothes is much easier.

Moving on to the "feeling free" in France theory. In case the photo of Kim at the airport doesn't quite convince you that she's giving herself a break as far as her style goes, check out this picture of her in Paris, wearing a loose black top and what appear to be workout pants.

Kim Kardashian

Sigh. Doesn't she look so much more chilled out than she has in recent weeks? Man, I'm happy for her. She really ought to stick with outfits like these from now on, and maybe remaining in France for a bit isn't such a bad idea. She even mentioned something about having her baby in Paris, so maybe she'll stick around for a while? If nothing else, the change of venue is doing wonders for her maternity style. That in itself may be reason enough to forget heading back to the states.

What do you think of Kim's looser style?


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