Kate Middleton's Plans to Protect Her Baby Include Building a Separate 'House' for Police

Anmer Hall

After hearing about the new renovations to Prince William and Kate Middleton's country home, anyone who was hoping to get anywhere near the place to catch a glimpse of the royal couple frolicking in the yard with their first born better prepare for major disappointment.

William and Kate apparently aren't taking any chances as far as sacrificing one ounce of privacy goes, and that's why they're practically turning Anmer Hall into a fortress of sorts.

The home is located on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate, so it already offers a certain degree of safety and solitude.


But since she is reportedly gifting the home to her grandson and his wife as a place to escape with their growing family, additional measures of security are absolutely necessary.

Oh come on -- once that kid is born, he or she will be the most sought after child in the world. Photographers will do everything in their power to snap pictures of the tot playing on the grounds of the property.

But considering one of the outer buildings of the home is supposedly being converted into a space to house extra police when the royal family is staying there -- it's going to be next to impossible for anyone to get remotely close to the main residence.

In addition to making room for extra guards, there are plans to shield the house by putting in more trees and shrubs, and to place a pergola over the home's patio.

And oh yeah, one more thing -- they're even reportedly building a new road to nearby St. Mary's church to give access to parishioners. As of now, the gate to the church is public, but will be made private for William and Kate's safety.

It definitely sounds like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pulling out all the stops to make their house as secure as possible -- and can you blame them? They're already in high enough demand as it is, but once that baby arrives -- look out! Finding a decent level of privacy will become an even greater challenge for the couple, so it only makes sense for them to get everything ready before their little bundle arrives.

But let's hope they don't spend too much time in the country and at least walk around London with the stroller once in a while. Who are we kidding? We're all dying to see Kate and William as parents -- and we can hardly contain our excitement over the first photos of their baby.

Do you think they're being too extreme with the home's renovations?


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