Chris Brown Finally Gets It: Beating Women Is Wrong (VIDEO)

chris brown learned lessonSo after that freaky "not-Rihanna" tattoo on his neck and the Twitter rants and the attacks on Drake and Frank Ocean, Chris Brown has definitely gotten all that negativity out of his system. Why, he fairly radiated positivity in a colorful shirt patterned with hearts and peace symbols while promoting his new single, "Fine China," on the Today show this morning. (I'm not making up that detail -- that is something he actually wore.) Chris Brown admitted that beating up Rihanna was "absolutely wrong." He did 52 weeks of counseling, and he knows this now. Beating Rihanna = SO WRONG.

Okay then! First of all, NO, it's not an April Fools' joke. That we know of. So do we believe him? Has Chris Brown gone all positive? Has he swapped minds with Justin Bieber? Because that would explain soooo much.


I want to belieb believe. I really do. I wish Chris had been demonstrating all this positivity all along instead of conveniently in time to promote his new single. And I really wish he hadn't worn that kumbaya obvious shirt. But who knows. Baby steps? Like, maybe we start with not hitting Rihanna and that leads to not hitting any woman and that leads to being nice to everyone.

I think he can keep himself from beating up his girlfriend (since the Chris/Rihanna breakup rumors appear to be false) again -- but not because he's been through counseling. Well, not just because he spent 52 weeks getting the message and examining his psyche to figure out why he ever hit her in the first place. I think it's also because we're all watching, now. He knows that if he loses it with her again, it's going to be, "OH I KNEW IT!" and that would be unbearable. The shame of public disapproval is probably more motivation than any abstract sense of decency.

But you know what? Good enough. It's hard for people to overcome their personal demons. Sometimes you really do need these big, scary barriers to help you manage your behavior. And by the way, not beating Rihanna isn't going to make Chris a saint or anything. It just means he figured out how to be decent. I wish him luck -- with Rihanna and with everyone else he ever has a relationship with.

Do you think Chris Brown has changed from within, or do you think he's likely to explode and attack someone else in the future?


Image via NBC

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