Ryan Gosling's Supposed Fight Over Eva Mendes Makes Him Just a Little Less Hot

Ryan GoslingThose of you still holding out hope that Ryan Gosling and his The Notebook costar Rachel McAdams might reunite could find this latest bit of gossip a bit hard to swallow. Ry is apparently so besotted with his new love Eva Mendes that he went ballistic when a photographer called her a name. Sheesh, what could he have called her? Stinky face? Poo poo head? Nope. Apparently the photographer called Eva "baby." Ohh, yikes, don't try to get a little friendly with Ry's wohman, togs, or Ryan will pull an Alec Baldwin on you.


Rumor has it it all started when the couple were together at the Bowery Hotel in New York. A photographer who had snapped Eva in the past called "Hey, baby!" to Eva from across the room. A source tells the New York Post:

Ryan got in the guy’s face and said, "Who are you calling baby?" Eva had to jump in and calm everyone down before it came to fisticuffs.

Hmm, maybe Ryan thought the photographer was calling him baby? Could happen. Anyway, it all supposedly ended with Eva breaking up the almost-melee and Ryan making nice and shaking the dude's hand.

Who knew Ryan had such a jealous temper? Personally, I find these little displays of machismo to be off-putting. I once went on a first date with a guy in college, and as we sat together in the dining hall, another man approached and just barely looked at me. The next thing I knew, my date leapt out of his chair and confronted the dude. The two started arguing. And I made a beeline for the exit!

To me, when guys fight over a girl, it seems more about the two of them than the girl. And I'm not big on guys with tempers -- it's fine until he turns it against you. I guess it's a bit different if you've been dating someone for awhile, as Ryan and Eva have. Still, is Ryan Gosling really that insecure? He's Ryan Gosling! Like Eva's gonna dump him for some photographer?

It's a different thing if a guy grabs your boob or something. Then, yeah, you expect your man to at least help you pummel the moron. But a little "hi, baby" from across the room? Must have been a damn fine photographer. Still, he's Ryan Gosling, so he can get away with pretty much anything, right, ladies? I bet Eva didn't mind it one bit.

Do you like it when your man defends your honor?


Image via mimisveta/Flickr

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