Khloe Kardashian or Sofia Vergara? Hard to Tell Which Is Which

khloe kardashianKeeping up with Khloe Kardashian is becoming a more glamorous endeavour by the day. Before Thursday's event for McDonald's, we most recently saw the reality star and X Factor host walk the red carpet in a gorgeous tight white dress at the Kids' Choice Awards -- it was the debut of her so-called new look, and it was lovely. Now, here she is again looking fantastic in a form-hugging black top and blue leather pants.

But, huh. With her center part and pink lips, Khloe's starting to look a lot like Sofia Vergara these days, don't you think?


And I'm positive that's a compliment to both ladies. Tall, assertive, attractive, and beautifully dressed -- who wouldn't want that comparison?

Only thing is, Sofia recently went back to her natural roots, believe it or not, and dyed her dark brown hair honey blonde. Khloe herself dabbled in the fair-hair pool in her younger years, but going back to full-on platinum blonde wouldn't be the best choice. The ombre works on her, but that's as light as she should go; I think it'd look too fake otherwise.

Plus, the Kardashians are famous for their thick, voluminous, impossibly shiny long dark hair. Straying too far from the norm would not only look unnatural, it might draw unnecessary links to Khloe's allegedly unsettled paternity.

The only person in the Kardashian clan who should go blond is Mason Disick -- it would be so Kingston Rossdale of him to rock a platinum faux hawk. I'm sure daddy Scott would be on board, but mommy Kourtney? Something tells me she'd rather go bald than see her son with a dye job. Chemicals, and all.

Do you think Khloe and Sofia look alike?


Photo via Mike Windle/Getty

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