Kate Middleton Clothing Line Is a Royally Amazing Idea That May Just Happen

Kate Middleton

I totally cannot WAIT to buy my Duchess of Cambridge marathon runner T-shirt, can you?! And with any luck, these goodies will be hanging next to the Kardashian Kollection at Kmart soooooon. Okay, maybe the DoC monogram will more likely be found at Zara, Gap, or Topshop. Because reportedly the monarchy has trademarked Kate Middleton's title and has reserved the right to bring out a line of clothing in the future. And I'm not kidding about those marathon T-shirts.


A spokesperson for the palace says that the royal family has trademarked the name and logo of the palace charity foundation, which is now the not-very-pithily titled, "Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry."

In the course of doing that, the foundation has to declare every industry it could possibly ever get involved with in the future -- such as clothes, etc. And a royal spokesperson told The Telegraph:

We have to choose any categories under which we might conceivably operate in the future. This also protects the foundation against other people using its name illegally. We included clothing in case we choose, for example, to make T-shirts in years to come for marathon runners, etc.

So, that's where the whole marathon T-shirts thing comes from. I wasn't making that up. Anyway, I don't know about you, but this sounds like a fabulous idea. Kate's fashion sense is revered the world over, and everything she wears sells out in seconds. So imagine if she harnessed that buying power with her own line of trenchcoats, wrap-around dresses, and pencil skirts, and used all that cashola for charity? It's such a great idea, I'm suspicious of it!

Sure, some old fuddy duddies will say that is super cheesy and beneath a royal, blah blah. But this is charity we're talking about. I think it's brilliant. And the royal family will listen to me, just like they did with their (rumored) baby name choice.

Do you think there should be a Kate Middleton fashion line?


Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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