All Madonna's Money Couldn't Save Her Homeless Brother Now

bridgeI'm not the world's biggest Madonna fan, so I have to admit that my first reaction to hearing that the singer has an alcoholic, homeless brother who believes his sister "doesn't give a sh*t if he's dead or alive" was to think: Geez! What kind of billionaire would let her brother live on the streets? (And/or under the bridge pictured here in North Michigan.) I mean, you'd think that would be one of the perks of being a mega-successful celeb -- having the means to help out your family and friends.

But when I looked a bit more closely at the details, Anthony Ciccone's side of the story started to sound a little skewed. As if his sense of reality were distorted, his thoughts twisted. Red flag #1? Apparently Ciccone does not believe he has a drinking problem.


Sources close to the family say that both Ciccone's father and Madonna have sent him to rehab several times, but Ciccone refuses to stop drinking. In October of 2011, his addiction cost him his job at the family's winery (in all fairness, probably not the best place for this guy to work); since then, he's relied on free daily meals from local churches. Friends say Ciccone's father won't give him his job back unless he quits drinking because he's afraid his son is going to die.

Sadly, Ciccone believes something very different:

My father would be very happy if I died of hypothermia and then he would not have to worry about it anymore ... [I got] no family back up, when the chips fell, no family back-up. I'd rather be working. What would you do under these circumstances when your family has stood against you completely?

And of Madonna:

I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other.

Of course as an outsider, it's impossible to comment on Ciccone's relationship with Madonna or anyone else in his family. But as anyone who's ever struggled personally with addiction or had a loved one with a substance abuse problem knows, you can't help someone who refuses to be helped. Hopefully, someday Anthony Ciccone will be ready for a change.

Do you think Madonna's brother really wants his family's help?


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