Facebook Co-Founder's 'Game of Thrones'-Themed Wedding Sounds Crazy Cool

sean parker and alexandra lenasBillionaire tech entrepreneur Sean Parker's been on a pretty wild ride since he created Napster in the late '90s, co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, and was even portrayed by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network. But it sounds like his upcoming June 1 wedding may be one of the craziest times of his life yet. Sean will marry long-time love and baby mama Alexandra Lenas at a medival-themed costume party in a forest in Big Sur, California, according to The New York Post's sources.

As if that didn't already amazing, consider some of the other dramatic details of the couple's Big Day ...


A source reports: 

The save-the-date cards have gone out, which look like a medieval scroll. ... There will be some kind of medieval theme, and guests will each get their own costumier. It’s not yet fully decided what the costumes will be like, the theme is supposed to fit in with the environment and the natural beauty of the area. But, yes, there is a chance the wedding could end up looking like an episode of Game of Thrones.

Ha! Sounds incredible (or incredibly dorky, depending on how you feel about costume parties and medieval times ...), but more so, just sooo fitting. After all, due in part to The Social Network and also his penchant for actually throwing elaborate costume parties, Sean has a reputation for throwing wild and spectacular fetes and going all out on Halloween with Alexandra. (In 2011, they wore gory outfits inspired by The Birds. In 2010, Parker went as far as to bleach his hair to dress as Timberlake, while Alexandra appeared as Britney Spears.)

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As excited as I am about my upcoming May wedding and feel as though many of the details really do reflect what my fiance and I are all about, I definitely envy Sean and Alexandra's audacity (and all right, their financial means) to plan something so over-the-top on their wedding day. It's a reminder that every couple should feel free to make their wedding unique and to have FUN with it. Yeah, it's a serious ritual, rite of passage, emotional day, but most of that applies to the ceremony. When it comes down to the reception, couples should be able to party however they please. Be that in a rented tux or knight's armor.

What do you think about Sean Parker's wedding plans? What was/will be the theme of your wedding, and how did it reflect your personalities?


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