Did 'Today' Host Savannah Guthrie Make An 'Obscene' Gesture At Matt Lauer on Live TV? (VIDEO)

Savannah GuthrieDid host Savannah Guthrie appeared to give her co-host Matt Lauer the middle finger during a segment about vacuum cleaners? It's a gesture that could be given in jest. But not on national TV. And while Guthrie claims it was just her index finger, the rumors about the show's demise say otherwise.

The whole thing happened after Guthrie had trouble working a vacuum during a demonstration, and Lauer (somewhat rudely) said: "By the way this is the first time Savannah has ever vacuumed." 

She denied the validity of the statement and then... appeared to flip him the bird when she thought she was off camera. Oops. See below:


Rumors have been flying all around that the troubled host of Today (Lauer) may be getting fired. It seems many blame him for  Ann Curry's firing last year. It was an awful, emotional goodbye live on morning TV and she appeared to be shocked and devastated. Not good for old Matt.

Many blamed him for that exit and there have been rumors of infighting between Lauer and other co-hosts as well. But Guthrie is a pro. Would she really risk a scandal just to flip off a guy she was momentarily annoyed with? I say no.

Twitter feels otherwise. "@SavannahGuthrie what message does the backwards index finger send?," asked one twitter user. Others called her immature and were clearly disturbed by the whole event.

I say pshaw. If she did flip him off, it was in jest and kind of funny. If she didn't, it is much ado about nothing. I would put money on the fact that she didn't. She very well may have done so if they were in private. But they were not. She knew that. She's no dummy.

Not for one second do I think Guthrie would risk her career to get to flip Matt off. She can do that at home, after all.

Do you think she really flipped him the bird?


Image via YouTube

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