J.Lo's Outrageous Demands Are Starting to Seriously Mess With Her Career

jennifer lopezDon't be fooled by the rocks that she got. J.Lo still needs more, more, MORE!!! Bwahahahaha!! Oh, and love don't cost a thing? BWAHAHAHAHA!! Seriously, they don't call Jennifer Lopez a diva for nothin' -- and her list of demands is apparently getting so outrageous she's losing gigs. Or at least one gig, but it was a big one: Known as the "Super Bowl of the Subcontinent," the opening ceremony of India's Premier Cricket tournament is apparently a pretty major deal (60 million viewers are expected to tune in next week). So it was a pretty major deal that they hired J.Lo to perform.

Except J.Lo apparently isn't as major of a deal as she thinks, because when organizers got wind of her "requirements," they gave her the boot. How over-the-top were the star's demands, you ask?


Well, let's see. Apparently J.Lo's requests included (but were not limited to) a private plane (just for Jen!) and a "plethora of hotel rooms to accommodate her infamously sized entourage of stylists, assistants and personal chef."

Honestly, I was expecting worse -- not that Lopez isn't asking a lot, but you know how bizarre and specific and insane some celebs can be about their "backstage riders." But then I remembered what happened when J.Lo went to film that music video benefitting African Aids victims and insisted upon, among other things, a 45-foot trailer with triple slide-outs and 2 entry doors, a white room featuring white tables and/or tablecloths, white drapes, white Diptyque candles, white couches, white lilies, white sheets, room temperature Evian water, apricot, mango, pear guava and peach juices, apple pie a la mode and oh hell, a ton of other crap.

So, figure you combine all that with the private plane and the plethora of hotel rooms, and is it any wonder the Cricket tournament people replaced J.Lo with rapper Pitbull?

Howzabout donating some of the money that would've been spent on all those "requirements" to some of the folks still stuck on "the block," Jenny? Still, you know where you came from ... right?

Do you think Jennifer Lopez is making over-the-top demands?

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