Pot Party at Justin Bieber’s House While He’s Away ... Who’d He Leave Home Alone?

justin bieberAnother day, another pot-filled Justin Bieber rumor. And as far as rumors go, where there's marijuana smoke, there's fire. Apparently, while he was away on tour in Europe, Justin Bieber's friends threw a pot party at the singer's Calabasas mansion. And we're not talking a small gathering here, we're talking a rager, replete with hookahs, beer, and hard alcohol. Lil Twist, the dude who was in the infamous pot photos with Bieber (and who was driving Justin's Ferrari when a deadly accident occurred involving the death of a photographer), is supposedly the one responsible for the bash, soooo ... time to get a new bestie, Justin?


According to a source who was at the party, there were more than 40 people at Justin's place, and the beer and weed were flowing like water. Photos have hit the Internet today of the gathering at the tail end, and from the looks of things, it was pretty epic.

While it's unlikely that Justin had no clue about the party, he wasn't there, so that's good. Buuuut when he got home the next day, there was a reported nasty fight between him and one of his neighbors, resulting in a battery report being filed against Bieber. In other words: Justin needs to get his shit together. Now. He needs to control his anger; he needs to stop partying; and he needs to get a new set of friends. Thus far, anything he and Lil Twist have been involved with is bad news. (Lil Twist also drove Justin's Fisker into a cement pole recently -- why is he friends with this dude?)

Biebs obviously has some issues to deal with, as dude is out of control lately, but may I make a suggestion and say he starts with his friends? Nothing good can come out of a friendship with a dude who crashes your car and throws parties at your place when you're not there.

What do you think of this?

Image via iloveJB123/Flickr

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