JWoww Joins 'One Life to Live' Because She’s Really Good at Soap Opera Life

jwowwNow that Jersey Shore is over and Snooki and JWoww has wrapped, JWoww has decided to take on a new role. The reality star just landed a role on One Life to Live. The revamped soap opera has been moved from network TV and will air on Hulu and iTunes starting April 29 where you can catch JWoww as Nikki, a bartender at the nightclub Shelter.

Just wait 'til you hear how they describe her character.


According to the press release, Nikki "can mix an Alabama Slammer as well as ... flirt with customers. As Shelter’s newest barmaid, club owner Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) knows that it’s best to keep an eye on Nikki so things don’t get out of control."

So ... JWoww will be playing a flirtatious, rambunctious girl who likes to sling drinks? If this isn't the perfect role for her, I don't know what is. She should have no problem convincing audiences that she's out to have a good time. Plus, everyone knows that the acting on soaps is downright terrible, so it's not like any sort of talent is required to pull off the part.

Also, JWoww's got experience. Jersey Shore was a veritable soap opera with all the high drama, boozing, fights, and cheating. The only thing it didn't have was an evil twin to come out of the woodwork. Or is that what Deena was?

Anyway, congrats to JWoww. Here's hoping she's able to get Snooki to guest star on the show as a rowdy bar patron who's been over-served. Life certainly has a way of imitating art, now doesn't it?

Will you watch JWoww on One Life to Live?


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