Taylor Swift’s 'New Girl' Stalker Role Just Made Her Less Annoying (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift

Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned. We all know that by now, right? Taylor has written about her exes since her Joe Jonas days, but she really ratcheted up the psycho ex factor after dissing Harry Styles at the Grammys and then admitting that she sang "I Knew You Were Trouble" to him at the Brit Awards. She also says that it's sexist that a woman can't sing about exes without being called "clingy, insane, and desperate." But apparently Taylor does have somewhat of a sense of humor about her reputation as clingy, insane, and desperate. Which we mean with all due affection. And she's going to prove it on TV with a guest appearance that sounds Taylor-made for her.


Taylor is set to make a guest appearance on the finale of Fox's hit show New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. Reportedly, Taylor will play an ex-girlfriend of Shivrang, who interrupts his wedding to Cece. She will apparently try to stop the nuptials, and isn't that just like Taylor?!

Seriously, this role sounds perfect for her, and if she plays it up as "desperate and clingy," then that means she's got a good sense of humor about herself.

I've never seen Taylor poke fun of herself -- and the way she whines about her exes in song and in interviews, you'd honestly think she was the first woman to ever EVER EVER have her heart broken. It's getting kind of old, ain't it? I mean, pretty much everyone is over it. Not for nothing that Jack Osbourne's wife, Lisa, called her "batshit crazy."

So this could really redeem Taylor. Get on screen and just totally go to town and rip apart her own reputation as a stalky ex. It sounds like a great set-up for a Saturday Night Live skit. There's really nothing that can redeem someone who has worn thin their welcome with the public than laughing at themselves.

At least until Taylor comes out with her Harry Styles breakup song. I mean, all of them.

Do you think Taylor making fun of herself makes her slightly less annoying or can nothing do that?

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