LeAnn Rimes Shopping Reality Show Solely to Compete With Brandi Glanville

Leann RimesWhen you think horrible reality shows, what tops your list? For me it's a three-way tie between Growing Up Gotti, Bridalplasty, and Flavor of Love. It looks like I may soon have another gem to add to my least favorites, and it'll be starring none other than LeAnn Rimes herself. Seriously. Get this: Mrs. Eddie Cibrian is rumored to be pitching a series about her life to a bunch of different networks. Yup, allegedly LeAnn Rimes wants her own reality show.

I ... I ... I have no words. OK, that's not true. WHY!? Why does LeAnn Rimes, someone with an active singing career and a family, need her own reality show? This is a woman who just went to rehab for stress and anxiety. Does she think this kind of gig is going to help her manage those problems? I'll be the bearer of bad news, NO, it won't.

I just have to ask the question: Is she simply trying to compete with Brandi Glanville?


I wouldn't be surprised if that was a motivating factor behind all of this. I feel like the two ladies have a sick appreciation for their feud because it keeps them in the news, and LeAnn shopping a reality show around just shows she isn't trying to disappear from the limelight any time soon.

Still, I just don't understand why they are apparently so obsessed with one another. LeAnn could have a quasi-normal life (well, as normal of a life as you can have as a celebrity) if she cleared the air of this tension with Brandi and simply tried to be a decent stepmom to her kids. There's no doubt in my mind that a reality show is going to complicate things instead of make them better.

With that said, can we for a moment just laugh about WHAT we would see on LeAnn's reality show? Cute little moments between LeAnn and Eddie where she's asking him to take pictures of her in TOO small bikinis? Yeah, sorry, I'm just not feeling it.

Would you watch a LeAnn Rimes reality show? Do you think this is just crazy?


Image via jim.greenhill/Flickr

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