Shirtless Taylor Lautner Is 'Twilight's Last Hope at an MTV Movie Award (VIDEO)

taylor lautnerYou know what keeps me up at night? The fact that this will be the last MTV Movie Awards in which anything or anyone from Twilight is nominated. Breaking Dawn Part II was the final installment in the franchise, and come Sunday, April 14, it will be the cast's last chance to collect a surprisingly heavy tin of metal popcorn. And what a last chance they have. After being totally snubbed in all other categories, Taylor Lautner's nomination for Best Shirtless Performance is their only hope.


And the competition is looking stiff. There's Daniel Craig from Skyfall, Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, Christian Bale in Dark Knight Rises, and Seth MacFarlane as the stuffed bear Ted in Ted.

Think our beloved Tay Tay can pull out the W here? He just might be able to -- but it's up to you. If you want Taylor to win, and bring home the last and final trophy that the Twilight saga will ever receive, you need to VOTE.

Come on, help a brother out. You wouldn't let Taylor's last chance of winning anything, ever, fizzle out in flames, would you?

Watch the nominees for Best Shirtless Performance, then go cast your ballot for Mr. Lautner:


Think Taylor's going to win?

Photo via MTV

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