Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's 'Super Twilight' Date Got Super Romantic

Kristen StewartIt wasn't that long ago that our fav couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were caught by stalkerazzi roaming around their Los Angeles neighborhood, looking sulky and pensive, and apparently having a deep conversation that involved an argument about who could smile the least. So it comes as a pleasant surprise to hear -- and this from a real person, not one of those pesky tabloid sources -- that the couple recently enjoyed a game of "super twilight" golf at a local Loz Feliz golf course. Who knew they played golf? Well, I'm sure Robsten fanatics knew. Hey, I didn't know. Sorry. But now I do!


Not only did Robsten show up for some "super twilight" golf (the actual name of a late golf game) that the golf shop employee helpfully tweeted out to his followers, but apparently the perenially troubled couple looked quite in love! Check what Jeff Lewis, the actual eyewitness to this encounter had to say on Twitter:

Kristen Stewart and Rob Patterson just came to my golf course at our "super twilight" time.... What does this mean?!?

Well, I think it means they want to play golf, Jeff. Weird, eh?

And then another source spilled to Perez Hilton that:

After they retrieved their balls, Kristen gave Rob a little kiss and then they headed toward the course. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Oh, did Kristen retrieve those balls? Heh heh. Okay, bad joke. Anyway, nice to hear how she pecked him on the lips? How come the paps never catch that?

But poor golf shop worker Jeff didn't get off his tweet easy. Since he called Rob "Patterson" instead of "Pattinson," he got the full brunt of testy Twilight fans and later tweeted:

I'm in a twitter feud with Rob Pattinson fans cuz my phone changed his last name to "PattERson". And I'm SO team Edward.

Oh, go ahead and blame it on your phone, Jeff.

Anyway, I guess that despite all of these rumors we hear about this couple being on-off, they were on for some tee time at least. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Does this renew your faith that Robsten are back on?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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