Best Deleted Scene From 'Twilight' That You'll Never See

Twilight Eclipse Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonThis is the awesome scene in the Twilight series that should have happened because it would be more cooler for the actors to make cool action. Because Bella never really cried in the movie and Edward never died and Jacob never tried to kill Edward. And that's what should have happened. 


Here's the awesome deleted scene from Twilight that you will never see:

Jacob runs fast out of his house that smells like wild dogs. Then he jumps and turns into a werewolf and he eats Edward’s head off and Bella cries and tries to kill Jacob but she doesn’t kill him because she loves him. But she does kill Sam because she wants Jacob to feel very sad because, I changed my mind, she doesn’t love Jacob. Jacob cries. Edward’s body stays in the woods, and Bella takes it and removes it and puts his head back on and tries to remember him, but his head keeps on falling off. She tries to stick it on with glue. It works! She remembers him and Edward comes back to life and they get married. Dun dun duh-nun (wedding song). Jacob is so mad because Edward came back to life. He says to Bella, “How could you?” Bella says, “I’m pregnant” and Jacob gets angry. The baby comes and they name her Merida, no Renesmee. And then the baby says a word: “Mommy.” That’s it. The end.

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