Ian Somerhalder Plays the 'Dating Game' but Nina Dobrev Doesn’t Need to Worry

ian somerhalderFifty Shades of Grey movie hopeful Ian Somerhalder went on a radio show recently to try and pick up girls. Apparently, he went on Sway in the Morning, a Sirius radio show, and playfully fielded calls from female listeners who were pleading to go on a date with him. Ian! You dirty dog, you. WHAT ABOUT NINA DOBREV.


You will be happy to know that Ian declined all of the ladies' pitches. He was all thanks but no thanks to women whom I sure were offering up some pretty titillating date ideas.

The closest he got to accepting an offer was when a woman described herself as an animal activist and environmentalist who loves books. Ian joked, "I'll be there in an hour!"

He's a laugh a minute, this guy.

As for Nina, sounds like she has nothing to worry about. If anything, she should be thrilled they're at such a solid place in their relationship where they can do fun, flirty things with fans and not have it turn into some drama. She trusts that his participation on a dating game is all in good fun, and he'll trust that her talking to Conan about sex tips is just part of the job.

There are just as many rumors about Ian and Nina's split as there are about who will actually play Christian Grey, so really, who knows what to believe. That said, it sounds like they're spending Easter together, so no matter what the status of their relationship, at least they'll be able to eat chocolate bunnies together for the first and maybe last time. A rite of passage if ever there was one.

Do you think Ian and Nina are still going strong?


Photo via Splash News

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