‘Game of Thrones’ Odd Couple Jaime Lannister & Brienne Will Shock Us in Season 3 (SPOILERS)

Jaime LannisterThere's only a few days left until the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones, which is airing this Sunday (finaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy). It's the only thing I've been wanting to talk about this entire week, so I've lost a lot of friends. Especially since I've read A Storm of Swords and know all the craziness that's about to go down the next 10 weeks. So, since Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays super mchottie Jaime Lannister, gave an interview with Wetpaint recently, let's talk about what happens to him.

Of course, Nikolaj was very vague and pretty much said nothing about what's to come. If you remember, "He's still a prisoner of Brienne of Tarth, and he is fed up with her." When asked if we get into what Jaime is thinking, Nikolaj says, "We learn a lot more about him, that's for sure."

Er. Thanks there, pal. So, I guess it's up to me to spoil the shit out of what happens for you instead! SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven't read the book!


One of my favorite aspects of A Storm of Swords was the hilarious yet tumultuous relationship between Jaime and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie). Sworn to Catelyn Stark to take Jaime to King's Landing to get Catelyn's daughters back, Brienne cannot stand her prisoner, and her prisoner cannot stand her. From Jaime constantly referring to Brienne as "wench" to finally, begrudgingly giving her respect as she shows how fearless and smart she is while fighting, some of their quips throughout the third book make it the best in the series.

Though Jaime constantly makes fun of Brienne's appearance and mannerisms and Brienne can't for the life of her understand how Jaime could betray the king he swore allegiance to, they learn to respect and are even there for each other. Brienne is with Jaime during his darkest moment, a moment where those who haven't read A Storm of Swords will surely never see coming: Jaime gets his sword hand chopped off by one of the Brave Companions after the pair are captured.

OMG, how the heck is HBO going to pull that one off? Then have him hand-less for the rest of the season? There's probably going to be a lot of CGI, a handy cloth, and clever camera angles. It's going to be so insane to watch all this go down.

Anyway, after losing his hand, Jaime completely loses himself as a result and only has Brienne to remind him who he is. Jaime and Cersei do eventually reunite -- and get it on one of the most inappropriate places imaginable. But that's for another post! Still, can't wait until Sunday to see this amazingly odd couple in action.

Do you think HBO is going to go through with slicing off Jaime's hand?


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