Offering Jon Hamm Free Underwear Is a Waste of Perfectly Good Briefs

John HammThis whole Jon Hamm is so well-endowed it's causing problems on the Mad Men set thing makes me laugh. If you've been out of the loop, Hamm was allegedly told to keep HIS ham under wraps and start wearing underwear on set because his tight '60s-style pants are revealing too much of his anatomy. Hamm's opinion on people talking about his junk? "I guess it's better than being called out for the opposite."

Well hello, perfect opportunity for, oh, ANY underwear brand ever? Both Jockey and Fruit of the Loom have gone and done the unexpected: offered Hamm a lifetime supply of underwear.

HA! This whole thing is a public relations dream. These underwear companies make an offer like this, they makes headlines whether or not Hamm accepts their offer. Something tells me that Hamm isn't going to be so ecstatic about the offers. The man isn't exactly known for his totally calm and laid-back attitude.


He clearly doesn't like to wear underwear as it is. Now all of a sudden, companies are offering him a lifetime supply of something he doesn't need? Sounds a bit like a slap in the face, if you ask me. Hey, at least in Fruit of the Loom's offer, they say he should keep on going commando if it makes him happy. 

But hey -- we can only hope he'll be lighthearted about the whole thing. Maybe he'll take that lifetime supply of tighty whities and donate them somewhere. Or MAYBE he can supply the entire Mad Men cast with briefs as a joke about the scenario. Either way, I'm having a ball laughing that Jon Hamm's package is what's making news these days. It's only a matter of time until his perfectly shaped butt gets the same fan following.

Do you think Jon will accept an offer?


Image via Splash News

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