'Mad Men' Season 6 Spoilers: What's in Store for Peggy, Betty, Megan & Joan?

megan betty sally don mad men season 6 promo shotWith the premiere of Mad Men season 6 a little more than a week away, creator Matthew Weiner isn't sharing much. Oh, sure, he's dropped a lot of vague hints about what we can expect as Don Draper makes his way into the latter half of the '60s. But we haven't gotten much of a glimpse into what the next chapter will look like. Or, for that matter, what it will mean for the women of Mad Men.

Don may be our main focal point (for many reasons), but Peggy, Betty, Joan, and Megan are all destined to go through some changes in season 6. Here, spoilers and clues from the actresses themselves ...


Peggy Olson - Everyone seems to want to know how Peggy Olson's new gig is going to shape up and what it'll mean for her involvement in the show's storylines. Thankfully, Elisabeth Moss dropped some hints in an interview with TV Guide:

Her example of how to be a boss is Don Draper, and I am not sure that's the greatest example. The whole season is about people being confronted with their own demons and just kind of treading water and feeling like they just keep winding up in the same place. She might be trying to emulate Don, but she's going to have to figure out how to be herself.

Awesome! I feel like Peggy's storyline most closely reflects the birth of the women's lib movement, and it's been so fun to watch her grow. Sounds like she's going to have no choice but to do even more of that now.

Betty Francis - Although Christine Hendricks and Jessica Paré told press that they don't believe that any of the characters "represent one single idea or movement," January Jones notes of Betty:

I think that she sort of generically represented the implosive housewife that was unsatisfied with her circumstances and felt sort of blocked from doing things that she wanted to do. [She] is trying to find her happiness and sort of was that mother/housewife type.

She also seems to have hopes for Betty to be a bit more liberated:

I think over the seasons, especially when she left Don and married Henry, I think she’s trying to find more independence.

Nonetheless, it sounds like she still sees Betty with Henry.

I think that it could be a very happy marriage, the one with Henry, because I think he is exactly what she wanted and asked for. I just don’t think Betty knows how to be 100 percent happy. I don’t think that she’s ever satisfied with her circumstances. It’s just a personality flaw.

Megan Draper - Unlike Betty, Megan knows she can "have it all," Jessica Paré notes. She reflects:

I think Megan is probably part of the first generation of women that thought that she could have a career and a family life without so many social barriers. I think just as [Megan’s] sort of one of the first of a group of women who are, like, ‘Oh, I can have it all,’ as they say, I think that’s really new for [Don], too. I mean, certainly it wasn’t part of his first marriage, and here he is having to adapt to this sort of new social norm that women were going to be in the home but also in the workplace.

Hmmm ... so more of the same "growing pains" we saw in season 5?

Joan Harris - The most tight-lipped of the bunch (maybe she's extra-guarded about Weiner's secrets!), Christine Hendricks only had this to say of the sultry mama she plays:

As we get toward the end here, I just hope that it wraps up beautifully for [Joan]. I don’t think I will ever be satisfied because I would like to play her forever. So it will be difficult. I want her to be happy and in love, but it is Mad Men, so who are we kidding? Who knows what is going to happen?

Well-put, Christine. Well-put.

What are your hopes for the women of Mad Men in season 6?

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