Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra’s New Reality Show Could Ruin Their Relationship

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler BaltierraIt goes without saying that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are the most high-functioning couple from the Teen Mom empire. After giving their baby up for adoption on the show, the duo has come a long way -- staying together between moves, Catelynn's weight loss efforts, and Tyler's attempts to pursue an acting career. Which is why it legit pains me to say that it sounds like they're asking for trouble with their latest move.

The couple will be joining VH1's Couples Therapy. According to TMZ, they'll be in the company of Chingy, Joe Francis, Flavor Flav, and their significant others as well.

UGH. WHY, guys? Are you THAT desperate to get back in the spotlight? Is Tyler's acting really struggling and this is your solution? Do you think it's just a SWEET paid vacation? If you've ever watched Couples Therapy before, you know it can be highly disastrous.

I think Catelynn and Tyler are making a major mistake.


Even when you seem insanely happy through pictures, tweets, and all that social media jazz -- it's always possible to have issues going on behind closed doors. I'm not saying that I doubt Catelynn and Tyler have problems, heck, every couple does. But let's be honest -- is going on a TV show the best way to solve them? My vote is no.

That's why I'm convinced that this stint on Couples Therapy is just another way to get their faces on TV. And that, well, it sucks. Here I was being slightly jealous that Tyler and Catelynn have their lives figured out and they're younger than me. I guess this is just another reminder that, welp, no couple's perfect.

Do you think that Catelynn and Tyler are making a mistake by going on Couples Therapy?


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