Carrie Underwood Reveals How She Keeps Her Marriage Afloat

carrie underwood mike fisherWith the huge pop-country career and a hottie NHL player hubby Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood may seem like she's got it all, but she sounds like a lot of my friends who are married to guy guys. You know the type. He's gotta watch the game, clean out his car, throw a football around with his brother before remembering, oops, it's the anniversary! Gonna go get a drugstore card and some flowers! (Maybe. If they're lucky.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not having a misandrist moment here. It's just a harsh reality that many men aren't out-of-the-blue romantic. (Just like there are many women who aren't either!) Sometimes, these people need a little prodding. And Mike's definitely that way, Carrie admits to Britain's OK! magazine.


She confesses:

He never was romantic. His brain is like most men's; he just doesn't think that way. But it makes those little gestures he does very special. Sometimes I prompt him and say, 'For my birthday I want something romantic,' and he then has to figure out what to do and put effort in. I don't care what it is, you don't have to buy me anything -- just do something romantic.

Oh, have I been there! My fiance shows me how much he cares in so many ways, on a daily basis. But when it comes to the more conventionally "romantic" gestures like Carrie mentions, he often needs a nudge. A reminder. Just some encouragement to know that anniversary card or birthday date night really can't fall by the wayside, because we're super-stressed, busy, and booked up the wazoo this week/month/year.

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I've heard it gets harder the longer you've been married. That the volume on the romance gets turned down more and more as you get more and more comfortable. But I refuse to believe that has to be the case. Our happily committed guys should be thoughtful, but they're not always indulging in the same romantic fantasies as us, and they're not psychic either! So there's definitely nothing wrong with spelling it out, like Carrie is wise to do for her well-meaning but not necessarily romantically-inclined man.

How do you prod your guy for romantic gestures?


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