James Franco Refused to Sleep With Lindsay Lohan Because He's a Gentleman (LISTEN)

James Franco

This is sad, everybody. Oz: The Great and Powerful star James Franco (sigh) had a chance to hook up with Lindsay Lohan (who hasn't?) and he ... turned her down! I know. Can you believe it? Who would turn that golden girl down? James appeared on Howard Stern's radio show and talked about the infamous hookup that never was. "You turned down sex with Lindsay Lohan, didn't you?" Howard gently probes. "Poor Lindsay," sighs James. Hey, wouldn't it be a better world if guys all had this kind of judgment, and thought with their brains instead of their junk trunk?


Single guys have a reputation for wanting to sleep with pretty much any girl -- and, hey, the drunker, the better. I don't think this is necessarily true, but unfortunately it is true a lot of the time. And then you've got off-the-charts wrongness like the Steubenville scandal.

But back to James and Lindsay. It all went down (or didn't go down, as the case may be) years ago at the famous Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont, when Linds was living there (always a bad sign living in a hotel) and James was staying there while his house was being remodeled.

"I haven't talked to her in awhile," James says.

"She was a mess even then, eh?" Robin, Howard's cohort, inquires.

"We were basically living in the same place and that's how I got to know her," James says, sounding like he'd prefer this discussion take a sudden turn towards politics or if he'd ever had a colonoscopy.

"You turned her down. Sexually," insists Howard, who practically sounds like he witnessed it.

"I don't wanna brag about it," says James. Oh come on, now. Brag!

James hems and haws for a few moments and then concedes, "She was having issues even then, so ... you feel weird. I've met a lot of people who were troubled and sometimes you don't want to do that," says James.

Aww. Why can't all guys be like James? Imagine if all guys had the brains, maturity, and sensitivity to turn down women when they were too impaired either emotionally, physically, mentally, or chemically to quite know what they're doing. Or maybe Lindsay did know what she was doing (he's James Franco, after all) but he still had the sense to know it would be more trouble than it's worth.

One guy I know told me that he'd only turn down a woman if he thought she was more into him than he was into her. He said he wouldn't want to deal with "an emotional mess" later.

James seems a good guy. Even if he does fall asleep in class. Still, you've got to wonder how he broke it to her. I'm betting he relied on that standby where you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and sneak out the back exit.

Do you think James did the right thing?


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