Sean Penn & Robin Wright’s Son Unleashes Racist, Homophobic Tirade (VIDEO)

Sean Penn Robin Wright PennGuess the apple doesn't fall far from this tree. Sean Penn is famous for his violent outbursts directed at the paparazzi, and now his son, Hopper Penn, has been caught on video not only physically bashing into an African American photographer, but calling him some really ugly names.

Hopper’s parents must be mortified -- I sure would be if I found out my kid used words like this for ANY reason, no matter how provoked. And this outburst didn't even look like it took much provocation!


The whole episode took place outside of a medical building in Los Angeles. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened -- it looks like a bunch of photographers were waiting outside for Sean and his 19-year-old son Hopper to go in, which, admittedly, must drive you crazy after a while. Sean went in first, and then Hopper came along, knocked forcefully into one of the photographers, and started swearing. OK, not too shocking so far, but then Hopper calls the photographer a "f***ot" and a "n***er"!

What the hell?! If that were my kid, I would first die of shock, and then I’d be FURIOUS. Like, crazy-person furious. I want to believe that both Sean Penn, wild card that he may be, and Hopper’s mom Robin Wright taught this kid better than to use racist, homophobic language like that. It would be laughable that Hopper seems to fancy himself such a tough guy if he weren't picking such offensive words. I went to high school in the same ultra liberal, politically correct area of California where Hopper and his brother grew up -- trust me, he didn't pick up his prejudiced drivel in the mean streets of Marin County.

Robin and Sean, 19 years old isn't too old to wash that kid’s mouth out with soap!

What would you do if you heard your son or daughter using words like that?

Image via shootingphotos/Flickr

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