Sean Lowe Wants You to Know He’s No ‘DWTS’ Diva, Which Is Pretty Diva of Him

sean lowerFormer Bachelor Sean Lowe may be a lot of things, but he wants you to know that "diva" isn't one of them. There were rumors floating around that he was being a real prima donna on the set of Dancing With the Stars, telling everyone how the show NEEDS him and demanding the crew shoot him from the best angles, but now, he and partner Peta Murgatroyd would like you to know that's simply not true.


Because, guys, they apparently burst out laughing when they heard the rumor. "Oh HAHAHAHA! You see this, Darling Peta! Says here I'm being called a diva!"

Poor Sean. Everyone knows that only divas contest that they're not divas. Plus, let's be real: he's probably somewhat of a diva. I mean, you can't be the Bachelor and not be a diva. The very fact that you signed up to be fawned over by 25 women on a reality show shows that you have some diva qualities. Own 'em bro, don't hide 'em.

That said, I still want to subscribe to the ideal that Sean is just some wholesome, born-again virgin who fell for the Asian chick. I want him to enjoy long walks on the beach, playing with his dog, and doing crunches every other hour. It just seems like such a lovely existence.

But if I were Sean, I'd be looking around the cast with one eye squinty, wondering who the hell started these rumors in the first place. Lisa Vanderpump? Andy Dick?

Personally, my money's on Aly Raisman. Never trust rock hard abs and a smile.

Do you think the Sean diva rumors are true?


Photo via ABC

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