Anderson Cooper Replacing Matt Lauer Would Be a Cheesy Career Move

There's exactly one television show that seems to cycle through even more gossip than American Idol, and that's Today. The morning show -- which I kind of can't believe is still a thing (who has the 974 billion hours available to watch it on a daily basis?) -- is constantly roiling with rumors about who's leaving and who's joining, and okay, it's possible that I'm also confusing it somewhat with The View, but my point here is that the very latest word on the street is that Matt Lauer's out, and Anderson Cooper's in.

Yes, in the midst of all the hoopla over Matt Lauer's supposed involvement in the ousting of Ann Curry and the show's ongoing ratings decline, sources say that NBC may be considering the bold step of swapping out Lauer for Cooper, possibly by the end of 2013.

I have no doubt Anderson Cooper would be fantastic for this job -- but man, talk about kissing his journalistic credibility goodbye forever.


Cooper's always been known for bringing a sense of balance to even the raw disaster reporting he was once known for. His boyish looks and empathetic personality shine through whether he's standing in the rubble of a tornado or perched on a comfy studio couch. So I suppose it's possible his presence at Today could add a much-needed sense of seriousness to the show's occasionally thorny subjects -- while still being the perfect host for the inevitable fluff.

And he's enormously popular, much more so than Matt Lauer. (Remember how everyone cooed over that on-air giggling fit of his?) I'm sure Cooper would boost ratings in a heartbeat if he came on board. Plus, his daytime show ends its run in May, so if he wants more of that sort of thing, well, the timing is perfect.

None of this is confirmed, of course, and there are conflicting reports on what the insiders think about this potential changing of the morning-show guard. It was originally reported that Lauer was pissed about the idea of being bumped, but TMZ says Lauer's actually on board and plans to meet with Anderson to discuss a transition.

Who knows what's REALLY going on, but I think a couple things are clear:

-- Anderson Cooper would be awesome on Today

-- Anderson Cooper would probably cement his persona as a cheesy daytime anchor if he took the gig

-- Anderson Cooper's hair is WAY better than Matt Lauer's

What do you think about the possibility of Anderson Cooper replacing Matt Lauer? Do you think Cooper should take the job?

Image via CNN

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