Rob Pattinson Hangs Out With Musician Rob Patterson but Their Bromance Hits a Sour Note

robert pattinsonWhat do you get when you introduce two men with uncannily similar names? Why, an electrifying meeting between Robert Pattinson, actor from a little series called Twilight, and Rob Patterson, 42-year-old guitarist/former fiance of Carmen Electra! Boom! Pow! Shazam! Robs!

Robert Pattinson and Rob Patterson met over the weekend at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, and musician Rob couldn't have been more thrilled to meet actor Rob. A source told Us Weekly: "Rob was telling Rob from Twilight that everyone thinks he's him so they talked about it. Patterson told him how happy he was to finally meet Pattinson."

The two dudes apparently were hitting it off like gangbusters until Less Famous Rob asked Super Famous Rob to take a photo together. That's when things got weird.


After declining Patterson's photo op request, Pattinson apparently said: "No, I don't like to take pictures. It feels like it takes a piece of my soul." Everyone laughed at the strange statement and apparently Patterson was "making fun of it all night". Oh well. So much for a bromance. But come to think of it, people with similar names really don't have good luck together, do they? Remember when Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise got together?

Okay, so who else shouldn't be friends? Let's see: Jason Segel and Steven Seagal; Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child and Michelle Williams, Jason Segel's (not Steven Seagal's) ex; Anthony Michael Hall and Michael C. Hall; Reese Witherspoon and John Witherspoon; Redd Foxx and Jamie Foxx. Oh, and while we're at it, let's just say Jaycee Dugard and any of the Duggars shouldn't meet. Anyone else ever go through a period where they had no idea who was who?

No, but seriously, back to Rob and Rob. It's a shame these two dudes couldn't be friends. They seem like they could've had something. But I guess let this be a warning to other similar-named potential friends: Don't ever ask to take Robert Pattinson's picture, you big soul sucker.

Are you surprised by Robert Pattinson's reaction?


Image via David Livingston/Getty

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