'Downton Abbey' Actress Shouldn't Regret Her Topless Scene (VIDEO)

Jessica FindlayOoohlala! Most of us Downton Abbey fanatics are more familiar with the name Lady Sybil Crawley (sigh!) than Jessica Brown Findlay, but Findlay, of course, is the actress who played the doomed, heart-following youngest sister (swoon!). Turns out Findlay regrets a risque movie scene from a couple of years ago -- but to that I say, you only live once!

Two years ago Findlay played a teen in love with an older man in the British film Albatross, and she says she didn't really understand what she was getting herself into in a scene where her character lifts her shirt to prove her age.


"To be honest, Albatross was naivete and not knowing that I could say no," Findlay explains. "I had no idea what was going to happen and thought I was going to be shot from behind."

Oh come on now! No need for regrets, Jessica. You’re absolutely gorgeous, incredibly talented, and with two more movies in the works (a UK movie called Labyrinth and Winter’s Tale with Russell Crowe and Will Smith), you’re headed to major stardom. One day, maybe 20 or more years from now, you’ll look back on these early days when you had not just your beauty, but your youth, and you’ll love seeing yourself on that screen, in all your perky glory!

Here’s a clip from Albatross, which looks like fun -- Findlay’s character is sure a far cry from the bold but sweet Lady Sybil! (Don’t worry, this clip uses strategically placed black boxes to preserve Findlay’s modesty!)

What I really want to know is ... why did you leave us, Lady Sybil?! "I didn't want to fall into my comfort zone too much," Findlay explains. "My contract was ending, and I was unsure about signing away another year. Leaving terrified me, and that's what made me want to do it."

I can respect that, for sure. Staying with something just because you’re afraid to leave is never a good life choice, even though very often it’s much easier said than done. Findlay sounds like a bold, smart woman -- no need for regrets or looking back, just move forward with your brave life!

What do you think about nudity in movies? Beautiful or regretful?


Image via cwbellor10/YouTube

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