'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere Date Revealed! (Plus Super Sexy Spoilers!)

true bloodBIG NEWS, Truebies! Lots of big news, actually -- and I'm totally serious this time. We're talking big casting news, more big casting news, big plot development news, and, BEST OF ALL, big True Blood season 6 debut date news!!! No more vague estimations for the likes of us -- finally we can start counting down for real! To the exact day and time of True Blood's triumphant return! So get out those calendars ...


And draw a big red "x" on SUNDAY, JUNE 16! Woo-hoo! That's only 79 days away!!! (I think. Math isn't my strong suit.)

Waiting sucks, but waiting for 79 days sucks less than ... 79 plus all the other days we've waited so far. AND we've got some super fabulous spoilers to sweeten the deal:

1. Remember that "hot-as-hell" new vamp character we told you about named Violet? She's been cast! And the actress is ... Karolina Wydra! Best known as Hugh Laurie's temporary bride Dominika on House, the brunette is indeed "hot-as-hell" -- and she even looks like a "Violet."

2. The character of Dr. Overlark has been cast, too -- actor John Fleck will be playing the "vampire hating adviser of the Governor of Louisiana." Which brings me to the next spoiler ...

3. Apparently, True Blood is taking a turn for the political this season -- as you might have guessed from all the vampire rights talk. Hmm, art imitating life much?

Are you literally counting down the days until True Blood season 6?!


Image via HBO

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