Kim Kardashian May Have Her Baby in a Place We Never Expected

Kim KardashianShe and Kanye West definitely seem to have some sort of love affair with the City of Light, and that's why I guess none of us should be too surprised that Kim Kardashian may give birth in Paris.

Where? Paris? Isn't that kind of far away from Mama Kris and the rest of the Kardashian crew? (Maybe that's the point.)

Believe it or not, this isn't just another random Kimye rumor. It was Kim herself who told ET, "We're thinking of having the baby in Paris, maybe. We’re still deciding."


Hmm. They might want to think about hurrying up and settling on a birth plan pretty soon, because July (when Kim's due) is going to be here before they know it.

While delivering your baby in another country isn't the most conventional method out there (unless you're Angelina Jolie), I guess it makes sense that Kim and Kanye are considering jetting off to Paris to welcome their little one into the world.

For one thing, they've spent quite a bit of time there since their relationship began, and there were even reports about Kimye moving to Paris to enjoy soaking up the French culture for a couple of months. The city must have some sort of special meaning to them, so is it really that weird for Kim to want to give birth there?

And even though the hospitals back in L.A. probably do everything in their power to provide as much privacy as possible to their celebrity patients, if Kim does deliver there, there will be photographers camped outside the place for days trying to nab the first shot of the baby. I know paparazzi exist in Paris too, but maybe she'll have a better chance of giving birth in secret if she's not on U.S. soil?

But if she and Kanye are willing to head across the pond to have their child, why not pop on over to London as opposed to Paris? Duh, Kim and Kate Middleton are due right around the same time -- maybe they could share a birthing suite and become besties while bonding over their babies. Stranger things have happened, right?

Would you ever consider giving birth in another country?


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