Kourtney Kardashian Almost Manages to Make Crazy Patterned Shorts Look Good

kourtney kardashianOh, boy. I'm usually a pretty big fan of her wardrobe, but Kourtney Kardashian's crazy patterened shorts and peplum blazer combo really missed the mark somehow. Kourt was spotted wearing the wacky pairing while out and about in L.A. with Scott Disick and her sister Khloe Kardashian, and judging from the heels she had on, it appears as though she was striving for a professional and polished look.

It's almost like she was dressed and ready for some sort of business meeting, but based on the casual duds Khloe and Scott were wearing, perhaps there was really no occasion in particular she was hoping to look appropriate for.

And that's what makes the outfit even more bizarre.


She had the right idea with the shorts, because it's officially spring and it's warm enough for them in L.A., so why not? I think the blazer is what's really throwing me off, because I just don't get the whole peplum trend. Yes, I'm well aware that it's everywhere, and I've even gotten sucked in and tried on a peplum dress or top a time or two. But every time I give it a shot, I wind up looking either a.) a good 10 pounds heavier than I actually am, or b.) like a 6-year-old girl. 

And even though Kourtney doesn't remotely resemble either of those things in this outfit, I still feel like the jacket and shorts clash quite a bit.

But this look definitely has one redeeming quality -- Kourt's legs look amazing. It's obvious that she's lost every last ounce of baby weight (take that, Scott!). Considering how hard it is to look slim in a pair of shorts if you aren't, well, thin, I don't know how he can even argue with how great she looks for one second.

Believe me, if I could get away with wearing a pair of mid-thigh-length shorts without onlookers gasping away in horror, I'd probably wear them too. (But I'd skip the peplum in favor of a fitted t-shirt for sure.)

What do you think of Kourtney's odd ensemble?


Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

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