'Game of Thrones' Actor Gets Ear Bitten Off in Bizarre Hotel Attack (VIDEO)

Clive Mantle as Lord Jon UmberSome really weird news out of the Game of Thrones universe today. I'm sure you're sick and tired of me trying to get a post out of every single teaser and trailer that's been coming out before season 3 gets underway (you know you like it), so here's a sad yet really, really bizarre twist: One of the actors from Game of Thrones, Clive Mantle, who played Lord Jon Umber (Greatjon), had, um, part of his ear bitten off at a hotel in the U.K.

Crazily enough, in the first season and book of Game of Thrones, Greatjon had two of his fingers bitten off when Robb Stark's direwolf attacked him. Instead of getting mad about losing his fingers, he laughed it off and has been a Stark supporter ever since.

But still, doesn't get weirder than that, right? Poor dude and his poor extremeties. Luckily, though, there doesn't appear to be any lasting damage, at least physically.


Mantle's agent said that the actor, who is 55, was attacked last Sunday over some kind of noise dispute. According to the BBC, a 32-year-old man from Hamilton in South Lanarkshire is allegedly the toothy culprit, and he's been charged with "wounding with intent."

And then Mantle had to get part of his ear sewn back on after the piece that was bitten off was found. Ouch ouch ouch. I guess the upside was that he didn't lose it forever. But dear god that whole thing must have been extremely traumatizing. Now Mantle may have to stop touring with the play he was in, The Ladykillers, which just finished up a run in Newcastle.

His agent continued to say that Mantle was pinned to the floor right there in the hotel and bitten after he requested that the guests, reportedly "two drunken Scotsmen," try and keep the noise down. Another man has been released after the attack, so it definitely sounds like Mantle was ganged up on after he threatened to call security. And to go for the ear with one's teeth? Kind of a bit of an overreaction, don't you think??

First Mantle had to pretend he's in immense pain after getting his fingers bitten off by a direwolf, then he has to actually go through the actual pain and police procedures after getting his ear bitten off by a crazy drunk man. It doesn't get much more strange or unfortunate as that. All of us are now just hoping for Mantle's speedy recovery so he can at least tune in to the premiere of GoT season 3 get back on his feet and continue on with his play.

Here's his scene from Game of Thrones:

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen while staying at a hotel?


Image via HBO

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