Adrienne Maloof's Excuse for Skipping 'RHOBH' Doesn’t Make Sense

adrienne maloofAdrienne Maloof is all the rage lately, isn't she? The woman wasn't even on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion last night (coughcowardcough), and she's lighting up the world wide web today with stories of mystery and intrigue! Why wasn't she there? What's her secret really about? Were Kyle and Mauricio really being so friendly to her because they wanted to sell her house? Tell us, Adrienne; tell us; tell us; tell us!

Actually, Adrienne is telling ...


Here's what Adrienne said to WetPaint as to why she bailed on the RHOBH reunion: "I think that Andy has to understand that [ex-husband] Paul [Nassif] and I were under a gag order from the court system, not to be able to speak about our marriage, our children, our divorce."


I mean, yes, of course, her marriage, etc., was going to come up on the show, but that's not the only topic they'd be covering! There were lots of things for Adrienne to address last night. Like, hello, her fights with Lisa and Brandi. And I swear, I've never heard of a more litigious person in my life.

I was bummed Adrienne wasn't on the show last night but, at the same time, not really surprised at all. She knew she was going to get attacked, and she's not one for the hot seat, so she skipped it. Actually, it's classic Adrienne when you think about it.

I hope Adrienne goes on to live a wonderful post-Housewives life, Jill Zarin-style. But as "final acts of Housewives" go: Weak, Adrienne. Weak.

Were you surprised Adrienne wasn't on the show last night?


Image via Bravo

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