Justin Timberlake Oscar Hosting Rumors Better Be True Because He’s The Total Package

Justin TimberlakeIt feels like the 2013 Academy Awards were just yesterday, but still, the buzz has already begun for the 2014 Oscars. As much as I want to build this up and leave you in suspense about the hosting rumors, I just can't take it anymore. Justin Timberlake. YES. I knowwwwwww. Rumors are buzzing that JT may host the Oscars next year. Yeah yeah yeah, they're just rumors -- but MAN PLEASE YES OMG.

Some critics are saying that by that time (the Oscars are slated for March to avoid the Winter Olympics), JT and his "Suit & Tie" will be irrelevant. And to those people, I say no way. Last year's Oscars host announcement of Seth MacFarlane came in October. By October of this year, Justin will have just finished off his MAJOR summer tour with Jay-Z. Come November, the stunner will be releasing part two of The 20/20 Experience. Irrelevant? HA! This man will just be heating up again.

Justin Timberlake for 2014 Oscars host? I say best idea EVER.


Let's dish, shall we? First things first, I don't know if there's anyone in Hollywood that doesn't like Justin Timberlake (well, besides Kanye West maybe). Plus, the guy is super duper friendly and super duper hilarious (as seen by his latest funny stint on Saturday Night Live). And HELLO, he's an amazing actor and BONUS -- an epic singer. If you ask me, JT is pretty much the total handsome dreamy package.

OK, I'll stop gushing now. I need to remain grounded. As much as I would DIE for Justin to host the Oscars, it is a while away. For now, I'll continue dreaming of the chance of watching JT for just over three hours alongside Hollywood's finest. But please, if it happens, please PLEASE Oscars gods let him throw in some age-appropriate "Dick in a Box"?

Would you like to see Justin Timberlake host the Oscars?


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