Farrah Abraham Caught Making Out With Another Girl in Lingerie

farrah abrahamEver since she went out and got herself a DUI last week, "best selling author" and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been in the hot seat. She's, understandably, getting tons of negative press for doing something so wildly irresponsible -- and in an effort to combat said press, she's trying to convince the world that she's, like, a super innocent girl who was actually sick the night she was arrested for blowing nearly twice the legal limit on the breathalyzer -- not drunk.

Buuuut ... some pretty risque photos of Farrah partying in lingerie and kissing another girl beg to differ.


The photos were were taken in January at a club in Omaha. One pic features Farrah clad in undies, a bustier, and a garter belt holding a bottle of champagne (which she reportedly drank straight from); and the other features Farrah in the same outfit making out with another lingerie-wearing lady. The photos are sex-ay, and I seriously doubt Farrah ever wanted them to see the light of day, as they don't exactly help build her "I'm just a wittle innocent guwl" case.

Here's an idea! If you don't want to get negative press, Teen Moms and beyond, don't do dumb things! Don't drive drunk! Don't get into idiotic Twitter fights with your degenerate exes! Don't walk around in your underwear, swigging from the bottle like a longshoreman! These things are avoidable, ladies, I swear! You just have to have a commitment to ... not being an idiot. Can you do it?

What do you think of Farrah's behavior?

Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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