Nina Dobrev Is Fine With Spending Time Apart From Ian Somerhalder

Ian somerhalder and nina dobrevWith all of these Fifty Shades of Grey rumors going on, it feels like Christian Grey hopeful Ian Somerhalder's relationship with Nina Dobrev is under an extreme microscope. Ian takes a trip to D.C. without Nina, people freak. The star explains his hesitation about taking on the Fifty Shades role because of the toll it could have on his relationship, and apparently the world is ending.

Welp, Nina took it upon herself to tell the public not to freak every time she and Ian are apart ... sort of. She tweeted Sunday, "It's YOUR Sunday, you don't have to spend time with anyone, who do you CHOOSE to spend your time with?" For the record: this little tweet was proceeded by one on Ian's feed saying he was spending the day hanging out with brother.

AMEN, sista. You don't need to spend ALL of your time with one person just because you're in a relationship. Heck, if you and your significant other can't take time apart to do things on your own, then you most DEFINITELY won't be good together.


I can hear Nina's frustrations here, for sure. When you're in a relationship and you and your significant other feel like taking time apart, everyone has an opinion about it. Others wonder why. Why is he out without her? Does she know where he is? Does it bother her?

If only we could all have Nina's positive attitude. Like I said, the woman has a point. We all deserve to be with whom we want to be with, not the person whom everyone thinks we should be with. If that person is your partner? That's great. If it's not? That's wonderful, too. Life goes on beyond the relationship, and that's something worth noting.

Do you and your lover spend a lot of time apart? Do the two of you have expectations on how much time you should spend together?


Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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