What Alexander Skarsgard Wants Ellen Page Can't Give Him

alexander skarsgardBad news for Ellen Page (evil grin): Sounds like Alexander Skarsgard's heart belongs to ... Sweden! So unless the teeny-tiny Juno actress wants to follow her big tall Viking boyfriend to the birthplace of Dagstorp sofas and Flärdfull bookcases, looks like this love story (as IF) is doomed. Doomed, I tell you! DOOMED!

For true. Because Skarsgard recently opened up about life in Stockholm vs. life in Los Angeles, and it sounds like Eric Northman is just a bit homesick ...


As Skarsgard explains:

"I like to party, I like to drink and hang out, but I don't go to clubs very often in LA, but I do when I'm in Stockholm, I go out a lot. My life is better in Stockholm. I recommend it!"

My life is better in Stockholm ... far away from Ellen Page. Oh come on, that's obviously what he was thinking, he's just too classy a guy to say something like that out loud. His need for Swedes isn't only about the nightlife, either -- Skarsgard misses the down-to-earth Swedish mentality of his old friends, the people he credits with keeping him grounded:

"We have a saying in Sweden that means, 'Don't be too different. Don't be too good.' It's like, 'We wish you success but not too much success. Don't get carried away.'"

Aw, he's so humble and stuff. And let's not forget -- Skarsgard has a history of seeking out sexy Swedes (two at a time, even!). So I think it's safe to say that either this whole ASkars/Ellen Page thing is a sham (my personal opinion) or it's bound to fizzle before long.

Also, I hear Sweden is lovely this time of year.

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard will dump Ellen Page for a Swedish girl?


Image via Nick Step/Flickr

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