Ryan Gosling as Accused Murderer Oscar Pistorius Is a Brilliant Casting Idea

Ryan GoslingThis might be the single most brilliant casting idea ... EVER. Rumor has it that there's an Oscar Pistorius biopic in the works and can you guess who will play him? Huh, huh, can ya? Think of someone strong, wiry, dark-haired, good-looking but not too pretty, who would have no problem depicting a range of emotions from the triumph of the Olympics to the despair of admitting to killing your girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the courtroom. Well, my friends, need I say more? No, it's not Robert Pattinson (sorry, Rob!). It's none other than Ryan Gosling! Yes, The Gos is supposedly in talks to play Oscar in an upcoming movie ... and guess who would play Reeva???


Okay, okay. So think blonde, beautiful, tall, stunning ... could it be anyone other than Charlize Theron? Me thinky not. So like I say, brilliant casting or what?

The only problem is that we don't exactly know 100% for sure beyond a reasonable doubt (get it?) that this is happening. The source is UK tabloid The Sun. And Ryan just came out recently (don't get too excited, boys) and said he was going to take a long break from acting.

But according to The Sun anyway, the Pistorius part was too juicy to pass up. Says a supposed source:

You’ve got one of the world’s most famous sportsmen under arrest and a beautiful young woman who meets a violent death. Scripts began doing the rounds within days of the scandal breaking. Ryan has the kind of quiet magnetism that would make this project work -- plus there’s some mystery about him. Although Ryan has been saying publicly that he wants to take a break from acting to relax, executives will be falling over themselves to woo him once the scripts are finalised.

Well, I hope it's true, though it must be tough to write a script without knowing how the trial is going to turn out and celebrities almost never commit to a project without script approval. So ... I tend to think this is all a tad premature. But a guy like Ryan would make Pistorius more sympathetic. In fact, I totally believe he didn't mean to kill her already!

Also, I can't wait to hear Ryan ask, "Hey girl ... you still in the bathroom?"


Image via Kata Rina/Flickr

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